Social Media Scanning

Monitoring your brand on social media

Monitoring your brand on social media is an important part of protecting your  reputation.  Others may re-post or re-tweet your content.  There may be replies or comments to your content.  We will ensure that information is up to date, comments are acknowledged and any harmful input reported.

social media scanning service

Our social media scanning service is offered in several different ways


One off report

To provide you with a point in time analysis of any potential social media threats such as fake profiles, spammers, risky follows and more.


Continuous monitoring

To provide you with a continuous monitoring service to identify in near real time, fake profiles, spammers and any other risky social media activity.




delivers a response to assist you with takedown requests for any spam social media profiles. 

Our Services

SecureWeb3 helps businesses and brands to Secure their Web3 presence by offering a full suite of security services
Social Media Scanning

Scanning for fake social media accounts using your brand, personal or business name.

Brand Protection

Scanning for fake websites, NFT listings, and articles using your brand, personal or business name.

KYC Auditing

KYC checks on suppliers, remote workers, freelancers, influencers, marketing agencies.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing your wallets, email accounts, systems.

Smart Contract Auditing

We can audit your Smart Contracts for bugs, errors and security weaknesses.

Wallet Recovery

Lost access to your assets on the blockchain. We can help you to recover them using state of the art recovery techniques.

Web3 Security Awareness Training

We provide advice, guidance and training in relation to Web3 best practices to enable your business to securely leverage Web3.

Web3 Forensics

If your business has suffered ransomware or extortion, we can conduct forensic investigations and trace the source of attack to support criminal & civil investigations.

Web3 Compliance

Stay compliant with your industry regulations while introducing Web3 into your business. We guide and support business through Web3 transformation.

Happy Clients

Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve got many happy clients


SecureWeb3 conducted a penetration test of our crypto trading platform and performed a smart contract audit for us. The process was seamless start to finish.

Rowhan CTO,
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