NFTs and The Charity Sector

NFTs have moved into the ecosystem of charities, donations and good causes.  NFTs can be minted and sold either as standalone art or as a vehicle linked to some physical reward.  A smart contract can allow a good cause to receive additional income as its creator if the NFT is subsequently sold on.  Any buyer …

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Wallet Security

SecureWeb3 has explained the types of crypto wallet available.  The wallets themselves do not contain any crypto currency or NFTs but do work as the keys to alter ownership of Blockchain assets.  The wallets are instead used to transfer ownership such a sending or receiving cryptocurrency and to identify what funds are linked to their …

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NFTs in Football

Football (Soccer) has a history of collectables and trading fan merchandise.  Rarer match programmes fetch significant sums.  Trading cards and stickers offer an ‘affordable’ introduction to the hobby.  Digital collections are following this trend.  Some brands such as the trading card manufacturer Topps have launched their own digital platforms.  Examining the current state of the …

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PayPal and Crypto

PayPal have quietly launched the ability to buy and hold crypto currencies. Currently [December 2022] Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash are available to buy and sell for UK PayPal account holders. The buying process is simple, possibly too simple. In the USA there is a tax related question before signing up but this is …

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