Defending Digital Artistry: A Creator's Crusade Against IP Infringement.

What is IP Infringement? 5 Alarming Tales from the Front Lines

Understanding IP Infringement Through Real-Life Chronicles Have you ever had that lightbulb moment, a spark of creativity that felt uniquely yours? Imagine nurturing it, watching it grow into something real and valuable—only to discover it’s been copied, used, and sold by someone else without your permission. That’s the jarring world of intellectual property infringement, and …

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Illustration of metaverse landscape with surrealistic and neon cyber aesthetics, nanobots creating nature replicas, and figures with umbrellas.

metaverse security

The Must-Know Secrets for Unbeatable Metaverse Security What if you logged into the metaverse one day, only to find your digital identity stolen and your assets gone? Suddenly, your safe haven of limitless potential becomes a nightmarish realm of loss and violation. That’s the dark reality for some, and it underlines why metaverse security is …

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UK Stance on NFT Copyright

In October 2023 the UK House of Commons Committee published a report; ‘NFTs and the Blockchain: the risks to sport and culture’.  This is not law rather a set of analyses and recommendations that could influence future legislation.  SecureWeb3 have already discussed the use of NFTs and Blockchain fan tokens in sport and particularly in …

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