SecureWeb3 Announces Strategic Partnership with Cyberscope

SecureWeb3, a leading Web3 security company, has today announced its strategic partnership with Cyberscope, a leading blockchain security firm.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 25, 2023 / — SecureWeb3, a leading name in Web3 Security and Web3 intellectual property protection, has today announced its strategic partnership with Cyberscope, a leading blockchain security company. This partnership promises to pave the way for a safer Web3.0 experience for both businesses and brands.

SecureWeb3, recognised for its comprehensive suite of Web3 services including brand protection, training and consultancy, aims to redefine the landscape of Web3 security. Cyberscope, with its vision of enhancing Web3.0 safety, brings to the table its expertise in smart contract audits and blockchain security services.

A major highlight of this partnership is SecureWeb3’s integration of Cyberscope’s innovative tool ‘Safescan’ which analyses and ranks Wallet activity. By leveraging this tool, SecureWeb3 will be able to rank potential IP infringements more effectively through their Web3 brand protection platform.

Imran Ali, the CEO of SecureWeb3, commented on the partnership, stating, “With the rapid expansion and evolution of the Web3 landscape, security challenges are bound to arise. By joining forces with Cyberscope, we are not only combining our respective strengths but also sending a clear message to the industry: security in Web3 is paramount, and we are here to lead the charge.”

Thanos Tsavlis, CEO of Cyberscope, shared the sentiment, adding, “Our commitment at Cyberscope has always been to ensure a safe environment for investors and developers in the Web3.0 ecosystem. This partnership with SecureWeb3 amplifies our mission and allows us to protect more brands and businesses.”

Both companies believe that with their shared vision, they can usher in a new era of Web3 security. The collective expertise of SecureWeb3 and Cyberscope promises to provide businesses, brands, investors, and developers a fortified and secure Web3.0 environment.

About SecureWeb3:

SecureWeb3 assists businesses and brands to remove their digital blindspot in the Web3 space and safeguarding their Web3 presence via their intellectual property platform that scans, monitors and protects brand assets across Web3 Domains, NFT marketplaces and Metaverse platforms. They also offer a range of eLearning and training courses as they believe that education is key in reducing the risks and threats that these new technologies can pose.

About Cyberscope:

Cyberscope is a leading blockchain security firm with the vision of making web3.0 a safer place for investors and developers. It specialises in Smart Contract Audits and has a rich portfolio including projects like Defi Kingdoms, Apeswap, Origin Protocol, and many more. Cyberscope is the go-to firm for many looking to secure their investments and developments.