Unstoppable Domains and SecureWeb3 Forge Partnership for Web3 Brand Protection

Unstoppable Domains, a leading entity in web3 domain names and digital identity, has recently announced a strategic collaboration with SecureWeb3, the provider of a Web3 Brand Protection Platform. This partnership is designed to empower businesses in securing their web3 domains and safeguarding their intellectual property (IP) within the decentralized digital realm.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Protection:

SecureWeb3’s platform will now seamlessly integrate the sale of Unstoppable Domains, streamlining the process for businesses to establish and fortify their digital identity. Utilizing advanced algorithms, the platform actively scans for IP violations spanning web3 domains, NFTs, and metaverse marketplaces. It also facilitates the issuance of NFT-based takedown notices directly to the wallets of offending parties.

Addressing ‘Web3 Digital Blindspots’:

The collaborative effort between Unstoppable Domains and SecureWeb3 is specifically targeted at addressing ‘Web3 digital blindspots,’ enabling brands to monitor their online presence and guard against impersonation, infringement, and fraud. This initiative underscores the critical significance of domain security within the web3 environment, positioning blockchain-based domains as foundational elements for digital identity and security.

A Broad Spectrum of Business Protection:

This partnership caters to a diverse array of businesses, encompassing corporate brands, sports teams, celebrities, and startups. These entities require robust IP protection as they navigate the transition into the decentralized web. Major global brands, including Nike, Starbucks, and the NBA, have already embraced web3 for customer engagement and loyalty programs. This trend underscores the growing adoption of decentralized digital identities and emphasizes the imperative need for comprehensive brand protection in this evolving era.

Implications for Digital Identity and Security:

The collaboration between Unstoppable Domains and SecureWeb3 signifies a pivotal step in fortifying the security of digital identities within the decentralized landscape. As businesses increasingly embrace web3 technologies, the partnership offers a strategic solution to combat potential threats such as impersonation and infringement. The integration of Unstoppable Domains with SecureWeb3’s platform aligns with the evolving dynamics of the digital world, where the protection of intellectual property and brand identity is paramount.


In conclusion, the partnership between Unstoppable Domains and SecureWeb3 not only signifies a collaborative effort to enhance brand protection but also highlights the growing importance of blockchain-based domains in the realm of digital identity and security. As businesses navigate the decentralized web, robust measures such as proactive IP violation scanning and NFT-based takedown notices become indispensable. This collaboration positions both entities at the forefront of addressing the unique challenges posed by ‘Web3 digital blindspots,’ paving the way for a more secure and resilient digital future.