SecureWeb3 Announces Strategic Partnership with LawBEAM

SecureWeb3, a leader in Web3 security, has today announced its strategic partnership with LawBEAM, the “go to” legal advisor for web3 and crypto businesses.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 17, 2024 / — SecureWeb3, a leading provider of Web3 Brand Protection and Web3 Security solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with LawBEAM, a renowned advisory firm specialising in crypto and digital asset law and regulation. This partnership marks a significant step forward in fortifying web3 ecosystems and ensuring legal and regulatory compliance for businesses operating in the dynamic world of financial technology.

SecureWeb3, with its expertise in safeguarding brands and web3 security, joins forces with LawBEAM, a specialist legal practice for companies operating in the financial technology and crypto and digital asset sectors.

LawBEAM specialises in crypto and digital asset regulation, offering expert guidance both in the UK and across international markets. The firm represents a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from ambitious start-ups to established global players, and works closely with regulators to provide clients with the latest insights.

In an era where laws and regulations governing cryptocurrencies and digital assets are constantly evolving, the need for sound legal advice and risk management has never been more crucial. SecureWeb3 and LawBEAM are poised to meet this challenge head-on, guiding their clients through the complex and fast-changing global regulatory landscape.

“At SecureWeb3, we understand the critical importance of protecting brands and ensuring web3 security, especially in an environment as dynamic as the web3 space” said Imran Ali, CEO at SecureWeb3. “This partnership with LawBEAM allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive solution that combines cutting-edge technology with top-tier legal expertise.”

LawBEAM is recognised for its deep understanding of the disruptive nature of new technologies and the regulatory responses to them. The firm provides comprehensive legal coverage across major jurisdictions, spanning the UK, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. Their mission is to apply legal expertise and technical excellence to support clients in achieving their business objectives.

Roshi Sharma, Founder Partner and CEO at LawBEAM, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are very excited to collaborate with SecureWeb3 and enhance the protection and security of web3 environments. By combining our legal and regulatory intelligence with SecureWeb3’s advanced technology solutions, we will empower our clients to navigate the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape with confidence.”

The strategic partnership between SecureWeb3 and LawBEAM represents a significant step toward strengthening web3 brand protection, security, and regulatory compliance. Together, they will work diligently to ensure that businesses operating in the web3 space can thrive in a secure and compliant manner.

About SecureWeb3:

SecureWeb3 helps businesses and brands to remove their digital blindspot in the Web3 world and safeguard their intellectual property via their Web3 Brand Protection Platform that scans, monitors and protects brand assets across Web3 Domains, NFT Marketplaces and Metaverse platforms. They also offer a range of eLearning courses and training workshops as they believe that education is key in reducing the risks and threats that these new technologies can pose.

About LawBEAM:

LawBEAM is a trusted advisory firm specialising in crypto and digital asset regulation. With a global reach, LawBEAM offers expert guidance to individuals and companies operating at the forefront of financial technology, ensuring legal compliance and regulatory intelligence in a rapidly changing environment.